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Tired of Annoying Ads While Surfing?

A new Add-On for Firefox & Chrome is just what you have been looking for. uBlock Origin is a lightweight, highly configurable ad blocker. You can easily enable/disable it per site. For a detailed explanation of its features, check out Episode 523 of Security Now. Steve Gibson calls it an HTML Firewall.


Is Your Computer Infected?

Have you received a call from someone that says your computer is infected? Does their number show up on your caller ID as Unknown, or Unavaliable? Do they have a foreign accent? Do not take the call. As Admiral Ackbar famously said in Star Wars "It's a Trap!" Microsoft, or any other company that provides anti-virus programs will never call you.

So, either hang up, or as I sometimes do, let them go through their entire spiel, then when they ask you to log into your computer, simply tell them that you don't own a computer.

If you are ever unsure about your computer, have your local Tech Guy look at it; or if you pay for support, call the support number. Never turn over control of your computer to someone you don't know, especially if you didn't initial the call.


Speaker Repair

Do you have some speakers that you just can't get rid of...even though the foam around the woofers is ruined?  I have a set of Infinity RS 1001 bookshelf speakers that I bought at the Navy Exchange in Iceland in 1989 that no longer work due to the foam suspension on the woofers disintegrating.  I ordered a repair kit from Orange County Speaker to fix these speakers so I can enjoy them again.

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