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Photo Restoration

Here is an nearly 100 year old picture I restored several years ago.  This picture was printed on thick stock...about 1/8".  Apparently it was "folded" at some point, many years ago.  Folding this picture actually resulted in it being physically broken in two pieces.  I first tried joining the two pieces before scanning, but was not happy with the results.  I ended up joining the pieces digitally after scanning them separately.  The upper-left and lower-right corners of the picture were missing and had to be recreated.  The photo was also badly yellowed as you can see by the partial right-side scan below. Next are the two scans put together, color corrected, before restoring.  I spent about 15 hours cleaning up the picture.  The original picture was about 12 x 10.


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Here are a few more examples of past photos we have restored.

Original smallFinal product small


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