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ParkerTechGuy @mollywood @kairyssdal You are soooo Punny.
ParkerTechGuy @LickMyRiff My 1980? Alvarez 5056 Tree of Life, and my Mid 80s Applause AA-31. Oh, and my 1977 Ranchero 500 in the…
ParkerTechGuy Colorado Random Picture of the Day, 2005, Frozen Landscape #Stormhour @MattMakens @chris_tomer @Belen_DeLeon
ParkerTechGuy @MattMakens @chris_tomer No precip at my house yet (still just shows monthly total). My weather station has trouble…
ParkerTechGuy @LickMyRiff I only have 4 in my room upstairs, including this one, oh and 2 in the basement.